Calgary Project management, workplace design, facility management. corporate relocation, move management

Newalta Corporation (April 2006 - )

  • Facility Management consulting services including:
    • Coordinated corporate teams to develop programming requirements for new construction
    • Developed furniture requirements and furniture planning for 180,000 square feet of space, including office, workstations, restaurant, fitness facility
    • Project started April 2006 to December 2008
    • Multi-million dollar budget
    • Renovated two satellite offices to new standard
    • Worked closely with design team developing standards incorporating corporate vision.
    • Post occupancy warranty and deficiency reviews and follow-ups

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FortisAlberta Inc. (May 2001 -)

Developed 65,000 square feet of space on 17th Avenue:

  • Demolition to development
  • Created call center, office space, training center, and wellness center
  • Directed project team from programming through design and development

Developed 90,000 square feet of space in The Nexen Tower:

  • Demolition to occupancy in four months
  • Unique open plan with no private offices on five floors
  • Purchased new furniture, fixtures and equipment for all five floors
  • Moved more than 400 people
  • Implemented Fortis' innovative art collection program in support of Canadian artists and community charities

Field Offices:

  • Developed finish specifications
  • Facilitated the implementation of corporate standards
  • Conducted maintenance, ergonomic and HVAC audits

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City of Calgary

Reviewed relocation costs of businesses for expropriation purposes including:

  • feasibility of replicating existing space in new space
  • inventory and scope of work required to complete relocations
  • fixed and moveable inventory
  • independent estimates for relocation and surplus disposition costs
  • relocation budgets
  • audited proposed costs including signage, move management fees, telecom, etc.


Energy Utilities Board

  • Conducted a space review
    • Benchmarked comparable government and industry space
    • Recommended options for change


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