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Facilities First's relocation specialists are experienced and reliable. We have been involved in a significant number of corporate Calgary's major relocations and have managed large, complex moves with extreme timelines. We provide a complete range of relocation services and take on moves of all sizes. Our services include:

To determine the layout of the new space and how it will impact the installation of furniture and the process of relocation, we consider the following elements:

  • People (number, duties, how teams need to interact)
  • Facility (size, restrictions, floor plan, HVAC, mechanical/electrical & location)
  • Furniture, fixtures & equipment
  • Technology (telephones, computers, faxes)
  • Preliminary budget

Facilities First creates detailed, integrated plans, including:

  • Scheduling all parts of the move including furniture, technology, contents, records and files rooms, specialty equipment and computer rooms
  • Coordinating regular move captain's and move team meetings as required
  • Move Packages to explain what is required by each employee along with a follow-up Action Form to deal with post-move deficiencies and concerns
  • Liaison with the move vendor and the move captains
  • Coordinating with building managers re elevator schedules, vendor access, HVAC and lighting requirements during the installations and move
  • Coordinating transportation for specialty equipment such as computer room equipment, vending machines, photocopiers, etc.
  • Profitable disposal of surplus furnishings and equipment
  • A detailed budget for the relocation

Once the planning is complete, Facilities First's relocation specialists manage the complete process of moving existing furniture, equipment and contents. Our services include:

  • Create and distribute RFP's for all relocation requirements
  • Choose suppliers with input from clients as required
  • Supervise vendors
  • Respond promptly to change orders
  • Report on a regular, planned basis to the client
  • Reconcile costs on an ongoing basis as required

Post Move and Ongoing Maintenance
Facilities First will ensure that your relocation is completed as per specifications. Working with the client and the vendors, our relocation specialists will wrap up every detail, as follows:

  • Ongoing assistance disposing of furnishings and equipment, as required
  • Troubleshooting any issues in the new workplace
  • Coordinating clean-up of all new furniture and move-related deficiencies or problems
  • Assistance with minor furniture adjustments and internal relocations as required

Facilities First Inc. is a Calgary-based facilities management company specializing in - Workplace Design - Project Management - Corporate Relocation Planning and Move Management